Carl Granderson, Jalen Ortiz and Andrew Wingard

University of Wyoming defensive end Carl Granderson avoids a tackle after intercepting a pass during the Cowboys' 42-3 victory over New Mexico on Oct. 28, 2017, at War Memorial Stadium in Laramie. UW linebacker Jalen Ortiz (8) and safety Andrew Wingard (28) run down the field with him.

The University of Wyoming released a report Thursday saying football generated $159 million worth of media exposure associated with Wyoming football from Aug. 1, 2017 through May 14, 2018.

Joyce Julius & Associates Inc. of Ann Arbor, Michigan, put together the media exposure valuation.

In January of 2018, a preliminary report from the company valued the media coverage of Wyoming football from Aug. 1 through Dec. 31, 2017 at an estimated exposure value of $46,234,429.

Since that valuation, an additional $96,715,832 in media exposure was estimated from Jan. 1 to May 14. During the period, $14,041,809 was placed on social media coverage and a valuation of $2,036,157 of social media coverage from Aug. 1 to Dec. 31, 2017, that was not part of the original $46 million valuation, bringing the final valuation to $159,028,227.

“The valuation shows the impact that a successful football program can have on the exposure an athletics department and a university receives on a national level,” UW athletics director Tom Burman said in the release. “Between the national attention that Josh (Allen) gained throughout the season and leading up to the NFL draft combined with the successful season that coach (Craig) Bohl and his team put together, we now have a way to measure the value that Cowboy football brought to the University of Wyoming and the state of Wyoming.”

The benefits of successful athletics programs and the exposure they attract has been shown to improve overall student recruitment on college campuses across the country, increase alumni support and enhance fundraising. The investment in UW athletics in recent years, through a commitment from donors and the Wyoming State Legislature has led directly to the enhanced exposure of the athletics department, the release said.

In turn, that investment has stimulated more interest from alumni and donors, including the growth of the Cowboy Joe Club to over 5,000 members, making it the largest annual athletics scholarship fund membership in the Mountain West.

The $159,028,227 valuation placed on the media coverage is based on how much that exposure would cost in the open market if purchased at current advertising rates..

Wyoming Football was featured on live television coverage for a combined 21 hours, 54 minutes. There were 84,779 total combined media mentions or articles surrounding Cowboy football in the fall of 2017 between nationally-televised games, television news coverage, print news and internet news. The study documented over 4.7 billion impressions (4,753,426,927) related to Wyoming football over all the media platforms.

Included in the final total was $15,263,270 of value from nationally televised Wyoming football games in the fall of 2017 and live television coverage of the first round of the 2018 NFL draft. An additional $6,559,674 in value came from television news coverage of Cowboy football. A value of $11,359,571 was assigned to print media coverage and a value of $109,767,746 was assigned to internet news coverage. Social media coverage throughout the length of the study was valued at a combined $16,077,966.

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