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New restrictions are effective immediately for Rangers baseball games at Cowboy Field.

The American Legion Post 14 Baseball Board recently met with Laramie City Assistant Manager Todd Feezer, other Parks and Recreation officials and staff. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss recurring violations of rules and restrictions regarding attendance guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The result of the meeting was to limit attendance in the stadium to only family members of the players and coaches, and other adults at the discretion of Legion board members. Non-family member minors will not be permitted inside the fences of Cowboy Field.

The change in attendance rules was the result of a series of incidents during past home games, and it’s the Legion board’s desire it can be a temporary rule.

Baend Buus, Legion Post 14 baseball board vice president, released the following statement after the meeting:

“This is a tough decision for us to make, but — to be completely honest — it was necessary in order to maintain the ability for our team (and opposing teams) to have any fans in the stands for games. The City made that clear.

“We have had problems with the teenagers attending our games, primarily the non-family teens, since the first home game. That culminated in unsatisfactory comments made to one of the Board members by some of those teens when they were required to practice social distancing, and with city employees witnessing teens eating sunflower seeds and spitting them in the stands.

“It is unfortunate we are losing those fans, as they are a big part of the atmosphere in Cowboy Field during games, but the remainder of our practice and game season was being threatened by a small minority of the fans. That is unacceptable. When paired with the fact that they disrespected adults who were tasked with enforcing the rules, the board was given no other choice (internally, and by external entities) if we wanted any fans to be allowed at games.

“It is possible that we will reconsider this decision in the future, but for now only family members (immediate and extended) will be allowed in the stands for games.

“ … There are rules in place, those rules must be followed, and if they are not — ALL OF THEM — the City of Laramie and the County Health Officer can shut this season down for the Rangers. They control our ability to not only play home games, but also to practice on a baseball field.

“Please — FOLLOW ALL RULES. The remainder of the season depends on it.”

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