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CHEYENNE – The Cheyenne Extreme under-18 girls fastpitch softball team went 2-0-1 on Saturday in Gillette.

Cheyenne opened the day by topping the Casper Voltage 13-1.

The Extreme scored three times in both the first and second innings to take hold of the game early, never letting go of control.

Cheyenne finished as strongly as it started with a seven-run fifth inning. Casper scored its only run in the bottom of the fifth, but couldn’t gather any momentum against Cheyenne.

Twelve players collected hits for Cheyenne, with Jayden Gashler, Trista Stehwien, Jordan Harris and Ariana Galicia each collecting two.

Gashler finished with three RBIs.

Michaela Moorehouse pitched the first two innings for Cheyenne, allowing no hits while striking out one and throwing two walks. Jordan Harris stepped in in the third, also throwing a no-hit outing with one strike and two walks.

The Extreme’s second game of day held strong competition, with Cheyenne squeaking out a 7-6 win over Post 22.

Post 22 held an early lead after getting three across

the plate in the top of the second, but a strong recovery by the Extreme caused them to lead 5-3 at the bottom of the inning.

A single by Alexis Naughton allowed Brittney Lopez to score in the bottom of the fourth to extend the lead, but Post 22 recovered with two runs of their own in the fifth to decrease Cheyenne’s lead to one.

Another run in the top of the sixth tied the game at 6-6, capitalizing on two Extreme errors, but a pair of singles and a flyout by Lopez allowed Harris to score the game-winning run for Cheyenne.

Naughton went 2 for 2, while Jordyn Wright went 2 for 3, each finishing with two RBIs.

Galicia threw all six innings on the mound, allowing seven hits and six runs, tossing six strikeouts and one walk.

The Extreme’s final game of the day ended in a 6-6 tie with the 18U Gillette Blue Jays.

Gillette threw the first punch with a run in the first, followed by five more runs in the top of the third to lead 6-0. But Cheyenne found a way to rally, scoring twice in each of the third, fifth and sixth innings to finish the game in a tie.

Stehwien batted 3 for 3.

Janey Adair threw six innings, allowing eight hits and six runs, while throwing three strikeouts.


Cheyenne…… 330 07X X –  13 16  3

Casper…… 000 01X X  –  1  0  5

Casper pitching: (not available). Cheyenne pitching: Moorehouse, Harris (3) and Seghetti.

W: Moorehouse. L: (not available).

2B: Cheyenne 2 (Gashler, Stehwien). 3B: Cheyenne 3 (Harris, Lopez, Wilson).


Post 22…… 030  021 X  –  6  7  4

Cheyenne…… 050  101 X  –  7  10  2

Cheyenne pitching: Galicia and Stehwien. Post 22 pitching: Tolliver, Schwarz (3) and Caldwell.

W: Galicia. L: Schwarz.

2B: Cheyenne 2 (Lopez, Wilson); Denver 1 (Nelson). 3B: Cheyenne 2 (Naughton, Wright)


Gillette…… 105  000 X  –  6  8  1

Cheyenne…… 002  022 X  –  6  8  0

Cheyenne pitching: Adair and Naughton. Gillette pitching: M. Piercy and Williams.

2B: Cheyenne 2 (Reinhardt, Lopez); Gillette 1 (Smith). 3B: Cheyenne 2 (Stehwien, Wilson); Gillette 1 (Jones). HR: Gillette 1 (M. Piercy)

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