Robert Gagliardi

Robert Gagliardi

WyoSports senior editor Robert Gagliardi is a voter in this season's Associated Press college football top 25 poll, and has been for years.

Here is how Gagliardi voted in the final poll of the season, compared with the official poll that was released Tuesday.

Official poll                        Gagliardi

1. Clemson (61)                  1. Clemson

2. Alabama                         2. Alabama

3. Ohio State                      3. Ohio State

4. Oklahoma                       4. Oklahoma

5. Notre Dame                    5. Notre Dame

6. LSU                                6. Florida

7t. Georgia                         7. Texas

7t. Florida                          8. Georgia

9. Texas                             9. Washington State

10. Washington State         10. LSU

11. UCF                             11. Kentucky

12. Kentucky                      12. Syracuse

13. Washington                  13. UCF

14. Michigan                      14. Washington

15. Syracuse                      15. Fresno State

16. Texas A&M                   16. Michigan

17. Penn State                   17. Penn State

18. Fresno State                18. Army

19. Army                           19. Texas A&M

20. West Virginia                20. Northwestern

21. Northwestern                21. Stanford

22. Utah State                    22. Boise State

23. Boise State                   23. Utah State

24. Cincinnati                     24. UAB

25. Iowa                            25. Appalachian State

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