Seth Peterson can’t thank his teammate JC Flake enough.

Borrowing Flake’s horse has helped Peterson become an all-around threat, and it has paid off big this week at the College National Finals Rodeo in Casper.

The Minot, North Dakota, junior pinned his steer to the arena dirt with his best time of the week Thursday in 4.6 seconds to move him second in the third and final round with just one night of steer wrestling competition left on the slate.

But more important, his time gave the tall, soft-spoken bulldogger 16.2 seconds on three head, putting him sixth in the average. Peterson improved on his time each round. He’ll be a shoo-in to reach Saturday’s short go.

With the end of the third round scheduled today, other UW competitors are looking for short go bids. Ty Everson, a Helena, Montana, junior is sitting among the top five bulldoggers at fourth in the average; Teisha Coffield, a Yuma, Colorado, senior is among the top 10 in goat tying seventh in the goat tying average; and sophomore barrel racers Rachael Calvo, from Bassett, Colorado, and Kelsey Lensegrav, of Interior, South Dakota, are fourth and seventh, respectively in the average.

Peterson, who has one more run of tie down roping left today, was feeling confident with his steer wrestling effort Thursday.

“I got my start figured out now and I’m just going out and making my run,” a beaming Peterson said have his third run of the week. “I came out of the box in good shape and the steer was shouldering my horse when he broke. It got a little tight, but it all worked out.”

But, he wanted to give all the credit to Flake’s horse.

“JC’s horse is sure running strong, and he was running hard tonight. I got this one down tonight and I guess I’ll be back Saturday night,” he said. “JC is letting me take his horse for the summer to practice on and I can’t thank him enough for letting me ride his horse.”

Three other UW team members also competed Thursday night:

n Caden Camp and partner JC Flake’s team roping season came to an end in less than five seconds. Needing a fast time to possibly stay in the average, the pair came up with a no-time for the second time this week. Camp, a Belgrade, Montana, freshman, caught the horns cleanly, but Flake, a Mesa, Arizona, sophomore, missed the heels. They had a 5.9 effort sandwiched between the pair of misses.

n Coffield had her worst roping week of the season. She was the national breakaway roping leader entering the CNFR, and had her third straight miss when her loop skipped over the calf’s forehead. Coffield, who was has won the regional breakaway roping title the past two seasons, will more than likely qualify for Saturday’s short-go in goat tying after three successful runs.

n Jase Staudt’s tie down roping season came to a quick end when he was late on his slack as the rope caught only one of the calf’s heels, leaving him with a no-time. The Nathrop, Colorado, junior had consecutive misses after opening with a 12.7 second effort earlier in the week.

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