Brendan Turelli

Editor’s note: University of Wyoming senior long snapper Brendan Turelli has agreed to provide accounts of the Cowboys’ preparations for the Poinsettia Bowl on Dec. 21 against Brigham Young.

I guess the first segment went well enough to continue on filling in Cowboys fans on how we are getting prepared for the game.

Monday was a day that felt very busy, even though there was not a whole lot going on for us.

Everyone on the team lifted early in the morning to make sure not to interfere with the finals schedule. I had a great work out with pre-season All-America fullback Drew VanMaanen, who really does a good job of motivating not only myself but the group as a whole. Once we got that out of the way, it shifted back to school and making sure we all did as good on finals as possible. Not being on the normal class schedule I think benefits the team as a whole. Players are able to get in for extra film, treatment or just simply getting rest they normally would not have gotten. That will fully benefit us as the week continues on.

For practice, we were in full pads for the first time since the last game. It was good for everyone to get back to hitting, and you could see the competition really pick up. As a way to end practice, coach Bohl let the younger guys that have served on the scout team go at it for a full tackle scrimmage. This gave them the opportunity to show what they have and give a glimpse into the future of Cowboys football.

On Tuesday, the bowl preparation was a lot like it was yesterday. Guys are still going through their difficult finals schedules and the work of juggling exams while preparing for arguably the biggest game of their lives. It is times like this we are thankful to have a great support staff around to help us get through the stress.

Players are really starting to get excited about what the new Nike apparel we are getting for the bowl will be, thanks to tease pictures the equipment staff posted on Twitter. We still don’t know when we will have it all, but I will be sure to fill in everyone how it looks.

Another big thing that happened was finding out how we can use our bowl “points.” This had the locker room in a frenzy. The bowl gifts are given a point value from one to seven. Players are allowed to get as many gifts as they want as long as the grand total is seven points. Gift examples include — but are not limited to — personal blender and breakfast sandwich maker (one point), a miniature drone (two points), 11-piece pots and pans set (three points), Madden 17 bundle (four points), an espresso/coffee maker (five points), 39-inch Insignia TV bundle (six points), and lastly, a Breville juice fountain and temp select kettle (seven points).

Senior Jacob Hollister, our first team All-Conference tight end to most but roommate to me, said, “I’ll probably get the JBL speaker and the mini drone.” As for me, I am undecided on how to spend my points, but will like use them as Christmas gifts for my family.

As for practice, today was another two-hour full-padded practice, and the team looked good as usual. There was no scout scrimmage like the past few days, but five minutes of practice was used for a full-on tackling drill.

This was very exciting, and was able to get the energy up and keep it up throughout the rest of the practice. I am no coach or recruiter, but one player I thought had a great practice was sophomore running back Nico Evans.

He really had a pep in his step and was getting in and out of breaks with speed and intensity. Nico dominated all special teams drills, and was consistent in offensive work. Hoping for him to get a chance or two in the return game to do special things with the rock.

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