CHEYENNE – Ranch work delayed Reo Lohse’s rodeo season.

The Kaycee, Wyoming, steer roper started making up for lost time Monday during the qualifying go-rounds for the 123rd Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo.

Lohse won the first go-round, and finished sixth in the second. He won $9,405 for those efforts. His two-run time of 26.1 leads the field, and guarantees him a spot in the finals July 28.

“This is such a good start to my season,” Lohse, 34, said. “It’s really cool, because I have never really had two good (steers) here. I’ve been coming here for about 10 years, and I’ve placed one spot out of the money five times.”

Lohse ranches full time, and the wet weather Wyoming has had this spring and summer delayed his work by several days. Those delays kept him from rodeoing as hard as he would have liked.

He posted a time of 12.3 seconds in the first round.

“Part of the deal here is drawing a good one, and my first one was tremendous,” Lohse said. “He went pretty straight and maybe stepped away a tick to the right when I got there. He laid really well and took the tie.

“He was a phenomenal steer.”

Lohse’s second steer also set up well, but quickened his pulse at one point during the 13.8-second run.

“Everything was looking good, and the steer kind of went right when I roped him,” Lohse said. “My horse took off to the left and kept going. There’s not much room on that left side.

“He finally went up the fence enough to keep the steer down.”

Trey Sheets started competing at CFD in 2012. Shortly after that, his family moved to Cheyenne. Sheets won a couple go-round checks at the “Daddy of ’em All,” but hadn’t made the finals.

That changed Monday when Sheets posted a two-head score of 30.0. He is third in the aggregate. He also placed third in the first go with a 13.7-second run.

Sheets would have been faster than 16.3 seconds during the second round had his horse, T-Pain, stopped earlier. Sheets had to keep following his horse across the arena before he could get his piggin’ string on a front leg and 

start tying the back legs.

“I was hollering, ‘Whoa,’ but he wasn’t really stopping,” Sheets said with a chuckle. “It was a little long, but that’s OK. We’ll get that cleaned up before the finals.”

Sheets plans on staying home this week to give his horse some rest. He has been picking and choosing which rodeos he enters to give the 19-year-old T-Pain some rest.

“I started working with him when I was really young and (singer) T-Pain was pretty popular at the time, so that’s what he ended up getting named,” Sheets said.

Cole Patterson has been to CFD countless times with his father, four-time world champion Rocky Patterson.

This is Cole Patterson’s first trip as a competitor, and it was a memorable one.

The 23-year-old from Pratt, Kansas, posted a time of 11.0 seconds to win the second qualifying round. His no-time in the first go will keep him from the finals.

“I got lucky and had an extra steer that didn’t go during the first round,” Cole Patterson said. “That’s an advantage in the second round, because they get scared and run off after they’ve been run once. This one walked to the line and was a really good steer for me.

“Anytime when you can win something somewhere you enter is good. Here, it’s even better. A go-round here is worth as much as the average other places.”

Patterson earned $6,978 for his go-round win.

Marty Jones has two CFD all-around titles and one tie-down roping title to his name. The 53-year-old from Hobbs, New Mexico, gave himself a chance for a steer roping buckle by tying two steers in 32.3 seconds Monday. He placed second in the first go with a time of 13.5 seconds.

“The steers up here have a lot of life, and the ones that got laid down were scrambling and trying to get up,” Jones said. “Fortunately, mine laid there and let me do my job.”

The qualifying rounds continue today with tie-down roping and team roping starting at 7 a.m.



Steer roping

First round: 1. Reo Lohse, 12.3 seconds, $6,978; 2. Marty Jones, 13.5, $6,068; 3. Trey Sheets, 13.7, $5,158; 4. Tony Reina, 13.8, $4,247; 5. Brad Starks, 14.0, $3,337; 6. Landon McClaugherty, 14.5, $2,427; 7. (tie) Jason Evans and Roger Branch, 14.8, $1,062 each. Second round: 1. Cole Patterson, 11.0 seconds, $6,978; 2. Thomas Smith, 12.5, $6,068; 3. Trenton Johnson, 13.4, $5,158; 4. Troy Tillard, 13.5, $4,247; 5. Tuf Cooper, 13.6, $3,337; 6. Reo Lohse, 13.8, $2,427; 7. Will Gasperson, 14.2, $1,517; 8. Jason Evans, 14.5, $607. Aggregate leaders: 1. Reo Lohse, 26.1 seconds on two head; 2. Jason Evans, 29.3; 3. Trey Sheets, 30.0; 4. J. Tom Fisher, 31.5; 5. Vin Fisher Jr., 31.8; 6. Marty Jones, 32.3; no other qualified runs.

Jeremiah Johnke is the WyoSports editor. He can be reached at or 307-633-3137. Follow him on Twitter at @jjohnke.

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