Jennifer Gillotti

Jennifer Gillotti

CHEYENNE – Cheyenne Central’s Jennifer Gillotti and Caden Jackson lead the individual standings at the Rawlins Invitational. Their teams also lead the tournament.

Gillotti fired a 90, while teammate Katie Cobb is second at 92. Cheyenne East’s Michelle Weatherly is in a three-way tie for third at 93. Central’s Reese Robinson is also tied for third. South’s Dara Hill is eighth (100), while East’s Kenzie Sherard is ninth (103).

Central leads the tournament at 275, while East is second (317).

Jackson shot a 71, and holds a two-shot lead over East’s Granston Webb. East’s Eli Cole is tied for fourth at 78, while Central’s Justin Baillie and East’s Brody Cline was in a three-way tie for sixth at 79.

Central leads the boys field at 330, while East is third (339).



at Rochelle Ranch Golf Course – Par 72


Team Scores

1. Cheyenne Central 275; 2. Cheyenne East 317; 3. Casper Kelly Walsh 321.

Top 9 Individuals

1. Gillotti, Central, 90; 2. Cobb, Central, 92; 3t. Weatherly, East; Nagy, Laramie; Robinson, Central, 93; 6. Kalus, Kelly Walsh, 95; 7. Reinhardt, Torrington, 99; 8. Hill, South, 100; 9. Sherard, East, 103.

Other Central results: Georges 114; Robinson 132.

Other East results: West 121.

Other South results: B. Guille 107; Kentner 127.


Team Scores

1. Cheyenne Central 330; 2. Laramie 333; 3. Cheyenne East 339.

Top 9 Individuals

1. Jackson, Central, 71; 2. Webb, East, 73; 3. Torson, Natrona, 77; 4. E. Cole, East; McClaren, Laramie, 78; 6t. Chavarin, Douglas; Baillie, Central; Cline, East, 79; 9. Rino, Natrona, 81; 10. Bjorklund, Natrona, 82.

Other Central results: Wilcox 89; Erickson 91; Cunningham 94.

Other East results: Bailey 109; Halverson 111.

Cheyenne South results: Fisher 91; Osvold 91; McLaury 92; C. Manlove 94; Hayden 95.

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